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日常生活とZOMBIE <lit. Everyday Life and ZOMBIE> is a weekly 4koma series about a NEET1 girl named Sumiaki Nune who is drawn into the world of the mysterious and sadistic Zombie Games.


Sumiaki Nune - A girl who does nothing but watch online videos and read manga. Generally apathetic towards everything and anything. Does this include her own life?

The Silver Witch - The buxom, aptly-named Witch responsible for the Zombie Games. Her motives are unknown.

Why So Much Japanese?

This series, like many series by Studio Starshades, takes place in Japan and has many Japanese thematic elements to it. As such, it only feels proper to include authenticity where possible. Though, that's not to say every element necessarily serves a purpose.

In regards to the SFX (sound effects) of the series, they are scribed in kana (or, very rarely, kanji) for a particular purpose:
Japanese SFXs allow for ideophonic expression. That is to say, they express complex concepts rather than act as onomatopoeia of noises. For example, ピーン represents the concept of sudden realization. This is very useful in situations where the artist's current limitations may make for difficult time expression an occurrence.
Though, with reason or without, it shouldn't matter. Whether a comic is fully in one language or partially in many, so long as it's enjoyable, does it really matter what the stylistic choices of the creator happen to be?

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